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Movable Type is the blog software I'm using right now to run my blog and other blogs on this site. Movable Type 3.0 was launched yesterday, along with a new pricing scheme. Up until now MovableType has been free for non-commercial use. To some respect that is still the case. They have posted an article where they attempt to explain why they've suddenly decided to begin charging here.

The fact is, is that it's their code, it costs time and money to host, so why shouldn't they be allowed to charge however the hell they want? The problem in my eyes, is that numerous people contributed to the project in the form of donations and prividing free support to the MT community. Those people are more or less being cut off from MT and being asked to pay money to use a product which they had a hand in making what it is today.

If you notice, they do still allow you to have a free version, it just won't be supported by them. Which is perfectly fine. Where the real issue comes in, is this:
"No more than one author and three weblogs"

If it wasn't for this one clause, I would have no problems with the new pricing scheme and perhaps even support it. This means I cannot legally upgrade movable type without paying a minimum of $150 USD. This is very unfortunate. MT is an excellent program and is getting a lot better. I will not be upgrading movable type and will be looking for a GPL'd (or another OSI license) blogging app to replace movable type with. I imagine that several others will too. But hey, if sixapart wants to cut off the users and community who make up the MT userbase right now, then that's their choice. It's just also our choice to move on to something that's a little more friendly to the community.

It's always a little sad when a great app goes this way, and the owners abandon the community who helped to get them where they are.

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Check out Blosxom. Easy to


Check out Blosxom. Easy to use. Clean interface. Easy to setup. Tons of plugins.




Funny that you mention


Funny that you mention blosxom, I was just reading a linux journal magazine (like a few minutes ago) and there was an article on it. I didn't read it though.

The license seems fairly GPL-ish.

Do you know anything about wordpress? It's licensed under the GPL and it's written in PHP. I'll probably give them both a try.

Hopefully they'll start making some MT->Wordpress or MT->blosxom or whatever porting scripts. I'm sure a lot of people will be moving away from MT after the suicidal move they just made. uses Blosxom.

PK uses Blosxom. That's where I first heard about it.

I was in Chapters the other day and saw Blosxom on the cover of Linux Journal.

>> The license seems fairly


>> The license seems fairly GPL-ish.

I believe they are using the MIT License.

I'm not a GPL fanatic so if I was going to release something as open-source, I'd probably release it under the MIT or zlib licenses.

Both are very liberal with the terms of use.