New Laptop... Finally!


So after a week of _very_ painful waiting (for Ariane and Scott too (due to my constant whining)) my new laptop finally arrived yesterday (I'm even typing this blog on it). Conveniently the Gentoo 2004.1 CD also arrived the same day. Naturally my first task was to remove the windows partition to give gentoo a little more room. Would you believe that the base dell windows install is nearly 5GB! I coudn't, in fact I had even originally been planning on keeping the windows install.

Anyway, some of the more important specs are:
* Dell 600m
* SXGA ATI Radeon (1400x1050 max. res.)
* 1.4GHz Intel Centrino
* 512MB DDR
* 30GB 7200 RPM HDD

The only thing that sucks, is when I was looking at the specs I realized that I got the wrong battery, I got the 4 cell one, which they claim can last up to 3hours, but the 6 cell one would've been much better and lasted up to 5 hours. Ah well.

The laptop is WAY faster then I thought it would be. Bootstrapping Gentoo on my old laptop took more than two full days. On this baby it was under two hours. I'm loving the centrino. All I gots to do now is get the wireless and sound setup properly.

I still am not quite sure what to name it. My last laptop was named laplimbo, and Scott's I believe is lapdance. So maybe I can get some suggestions from whoever's reading this... I've just named it 'santorini' for now (after the greek island).

Peanut Gallery

Did you have to pay the


Did you have to pay the Windows tax? Can you get a refund?

Personally I would have went with a Geforce rather than a Radeon. Nvidia expends more effort on providing drivers for Linux and FreeBSD. Ati is getting better. And hey, they're Canadian. If that's worth anything.

>Did you have to pay the


>Did you have to pay the Windows tax?

Yes, and **cough**Bullshit**cough**.

>Can you get a refund?

No. You see, Dell's excuse is that they have to "run three stages of tests" and I guess these "tests" can only be run on windows?? And also, if my computer fucks up, I'll have to re-install windows before they're willing to provide any support. Regardless if the machine's on fire, they need windows installed.

> Personally I would have went with a Geforce rather than a Radeon.

I think if I had had a choice I may have as well. However, the Radeon is doing good so far and I'm quite happy with it.




> Lapitupfuzzball Nice.


> Lapitupfuzzball

Nice. consider it lapped up.