Google Fame

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I had some free time today so I was thinking, how famous, according to Google, am I? So I did a search for 'hadfield' and found that the first page referring to me was way down at 110. Needless to say I was a little dissapointed, so I've now made it my new goal to become #1 on Google when people search for 'hadfield'. I don't plan on "cheating" to do this, but instead, just become more famous, yes it might take me a long time :-). Especially since I've got to beat out the Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield.

So anyway, what I did was write a Google Fame Calculator that lets someone calculate how famous they are relating to a specified topic according to Google.

To use it you'll already need to know some information about the link google will find for you. For me, I know that will be the first link about me, so under the identity field I put ''. If your name is rare (like for Ariane) you could search 'khachatourians' as the topic and 'ariane' as the identity.