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This has been a pretty good week. Tonight we took a trip to A&B sound. I purchased the new (old) weezer Deluxe Edition, and a new bookshelf stereo system. Just a little JVC (the FS-H100, if you're really curious). It's obviously not excellent, but it definately does the job pretty well. We just wanted a system for our bedroom. At least the weezer b-sides sound ok on it. Would you believe that this is the third time I've bought the blue album?

Work has been going ok too. I had been working on this "progress reports" system that basically helps in monitoring the progress of grad students. It's quite a simple system, really. But it's been developed since 1999 by at least 6 different people. The perl code is less than readable, to say the least. It's got to be nearly 7 thousand lines of code. Last month I stripped out 2000 of those lines. This week, when I needed to do more work on it, I decided it just wasn't worth it anymore. So on Monday afternoon I began re-writing it, in python. I was half way done by Tuesday afternoon, and pretty much done by the end of today :-). 5 years may have been a little excessive for a program of this magnitude.

Also, I've managed to convince them that we should give Gentoo a try. I installed our first Gentoo server this afternoon. After an hour trying to get networking to work I realized I had set the wrong gateway. Dumbass. But after that it went very smoothly. Boot strapping took 1h 30m on the 2.6GHz P4 Dell. Not too shabby. I think I've got almost the whole team sold on Gentoo. Now all I have to do is show it to them and get them hooked :-).

Believe me, if you've ever installed Gentoo, you'll know it's a drug. It starts off as just a simple curiosity. Then you start doing it for more enjoyment... and more enjoyment. Soon you start getting involved in the "community" (aka the Gentoo Junkies). Before you know it you depend on Gentoo to get through the average day. Yeah, I suppose I'm a pusher, but everyone's gotta do what they've gotta do. I think this Gentoo is a drug thing is grounds for an entire entry, hmm...

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Dude, Miatas are drugs, too.


Dude, Miatas are drugs, too.