We just got back from lunch and damn am I full. I was thinking of what kind of music I like to listen to best when I'm full and I think I like ultra slow music. Seems like heavier music makes my stomach feel kind of agitated. I think maybe oldies would work too. Does anyone else have a preference?

We went to the DUC for Vivian's going away lunch. The new coop was invited too. I actually don't remember eating from the menu there before, it's usually just a buffet when I've gone before. I was quite impressed with the menu, and decided on the buffalo burger. It was like all burnt and shit. wtf? And they refused to change Ivan's meal at all, I think he wanted like veggies instead of rice... wtf? Are waiter was a complete asshole basically. Anything that we wanted just a little different he had to make a huge pain in the ass for us. Like we were paying seperately so we wanted seperate bills. He was like "well you can only do that if you're paying cash because it's really busy in there". (We were the only table in the restaurant at that time). Like such an asshole. And Ivan and Chingtai both ordered their meals because it said that it was a big plate. Well, the plate was big, but the meal sure as hell wasn't. So when the waiter asked Ivan how his meal was, Ivan was like, "well there could've been a bit more meat". The waiters response: "oh" and then he walked away, never to return to our side of the table.

But then I realized why he was such an ass when we got the bill... tip is included in the price.

Ahh, brought me back to the days of shitty service in France where the tip is also included at most (all?) of the restaurants.

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reminds me of the days in


reminds me of the days in the bahamas where the tip is included in all restaurants and even the owners of places don't give a fuck if you ever come back.

Thanks for the laugh man.

Thanks for the laugh man. That was a funny story. Sorry you had some shitty service though.