HOWTO: Picking a good movie [for you]


Want to watch a movie?
Don't know which movie to pick because the ones you've heard of all look shitty, and the rest, well, you've never even heard of them?

If so, then this guide's for you.

Sure, there's plenty of movie review web sites and magazines. But you can never tell what those people have been smoking or who's been paying them off. Like look how well the fast runner did. Maybe some people liked it, but it sure wasn't my bag, baby.

What you really want to know, is what the producer or writer of the movie was smoking, not the reviewers. And a surefire way to figure that out is the soundtrack.

The soundtrack is a very important part of a movie. The music has to "go" with the movie. A movie who's soundtrack doesn't really fit, will be an odd movie indeed. So a sure way for you to get a feel for the movie before even renting it (and in most cases, without even seeing a preview) is to look at (or listen to) the soundtrack.

For example, if you despise "bands" such as Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson and the movie you were thinking about has that style of music on their soundtrack, you'll probably want to avoid the movie. If you hate 80's music, odds are you won't really be into most movies written now, that take place in the 80's.

Of course this only helps if you know the songs, so it might be worth your while to download a couple of songs from the album to see what they're like.

I can almost garauntee, if you like the soundtrack, you're bound to like the movie, and vice-versa. But don't get me wrong, there's always exceptions.

Peanut Gallery

what about those soundtracks

what about those soundtracks with 'hit' songs that aren't played until the credits? or aren't in the movie at all?

Well is it a good hit song,

Scott Hadfield

Well is it a good hit song, or a shitty hit song? Any movies that you thought really sucked even though you like the "hit" song (or vice versa)?