iriver or ipod?

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So I think I'm finally about ready to get an mp3 player. Right now I'm looking
the iriver and the ipod. I'd probably get the iriver 799 or an ipod mini, as I
want something that's not going to be too clunky when I go running or to the

The iriver is $229 and 1GB, the ipod mini starts at $249 and has 4GB. Right
now I'd say I'm leaning towards the iriver as I can just strap it to my arm
or whatever. And it can play ogg vorbis
files :-)! Oh yeah, the iriver also plays FM radio and lasts approx. 40 hrs. I
think you have to pay extra to get radio on an ipod (if possible) and it only
lasts up to 18 hours.

Anyone got any recommendations? Perhaps other mp3 players that are good?


Oh yeah, and some links:

Peanut Gallery

DO NOT get an IPod for


DO NOT get an IPod for running. The company advertises it as a device that can be used for jarring activities such as running, but I have several runner friends who have gone through IPods - mini and regular - and finally found out that they are not CONSTRUCTED well enough to endure running. The mechanisms inside get jolted out of place and the thing breaks eventually. DO NOT GET AN IPOD IF YOU PLAN ON RUNNING WITH IT!!!!!