Smokey and Non-Smoking

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As anyone within about 100 miles of burns bog could tell you, it's damn
smokey. Depending on the wind direction the smokiness comes and goes, but
I seem to have had a perma-sore throat since Monday.

On a semi-but-not-really-related note, I was just reading an article on
the CBC, Montreal bar owners to challenge
Quebec smoking ban
. From the article:

Two bar owners in Montreal are launching a legal battle against
Quebec's anti-smoking legislation. They say the law will cause job
losses because more patrons will stay home.

Talk about Deja Vu. Do these people honestly think it will hurt their
business? There are plenty of real world examples proving just the opposite. If
someone wants to smoke, they don't go to a restaurant or bar to do it. They
go to restaurants or bars when they want to eat or drink, and that ain't about
to change.