2006 IT Predictions


Read Paul Graham's essay on procrastination the other day... I think this would classify as Type B procrastination.

Good procrastination is avoiding errands to do real work.

That's what I'm talkin' about... of course I'm not doing it right now, but whatever.

Everyone else is doing it, so here's my predictions of things that will happen in the IT world in 2006. Most are pretty modest, but hey, I'm new at this :-).

1. RSS Probably the most obvious... RSS is going to gain in popularity. It will progressively be used by more applications and web sites... and hopefully a decent RSS feed reader will be released.

2. Ajax For those who don't know what ajax is, think google maps. 2006 will be the second coming of Javascript... ajax definitely has potential when used properly, but people are going to start throwing javascript everywhere again with little regard for people who use certain other browsers.

3. Identity Management You probably currently maintain a separate username and password at every site you visit, wouldn't it be nice to just have a single "identity" that you would take with you to every website? This is what I mean by identity management, and it will really begin to pick up steam in 2006, especially once firefox includes single sign-on as a feature in 2.0

4. $100 Computer The $100 computer being developed by One Laptop per Child will either undergo significant delays or have major design flaws and won't be released in 2006, hopefully by the end of 2007.

5. Dell Desktop Linux Support Dell will finally start selling and supporting Linux on their desktop computers.

6. Web 2.0 If you haven't heard the term already... you will in 2006. Of course... now you've heard the term just by reading this blog. Is that self-fulfilling or what?

7. DRM Non-techies will start to know what that acronymn means, and they aren't going to like it. A large thanks to Sony on this one.

8. Wiki Wikis will continue to take over documentation and publishing. Kiss your word documents and boring content management systems goodbye and say hello to collaborative documentation with wiki. This time next year, as many people who know what a blog is and have used one by now, will know what a wiki is, and have used it.

9. Podcasts Even more people will hate the term "Podcast".

10. Procrastination If you're still reading this, then you're type a procrastinating.

Peanut Gallery

Have you tried Google

Have you tried Google Reader? I switched over from Bloglines and I'm liking it better.

It's built using Ajax. You know, Web 2.0. It's gonna be the bomb. I hear in 2006 it'll butter my toast. They'll call it "Google Butter My Toast".

I concur with most of your

I concur with most of your ideas although I'm a bit skeptical about the Identity Management thing at this point. My favourite AJAX-using site (besides Google Maps and a few others): http://www.protopage.com. Also want to point out another huge trend: online applications. Check out http://www.thinkfree.com. Almost as good as open source.