Election 2006 - Part I

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We're now on the eve of yet another election. It's probably been one of the most boring campaigns I've ever seen. The campaign over the past month hasn't even been about the parties. It's been about the ads. There are even ads about the ads. WTF?

Anyway, here are my predictions,

  • We will have one of the lowest voter turnouts in Canadian history. Even I'm bored of this election, and I'm generally a lot more interested than the general public.
  • Conservatives will win with a minority government.
  • NDP and Liberal combined votes will be enough to outweigh the number of seats the Conservatives have.
  • Greens, will lose ground since the last election, mostly to the NDP.
  • The Conservative minority will fall prior to the summer break for the house, leading to Election 2006 - Part II.
  • The Liberals aren't going to oust Martin even when he loses this one.

The one thing I hope will come of a Conservative minority is that the general voting public will be able to get a first hand look at what kind of a government the Conservatives will be... before they oust them. Then at least next time around everyone who's voting Conservative simply due to not wanting to vote Liberal will know better.