Miles per hour!?


Ariane and I have been in Seattle attending Drupal Camp for the past couple days, it was pretty sweet (I think this gives Ariane official geek status now ;-)). We've been boycotting the states since Bush came in, but decided to break the boycott for this event, which was worth it. It was just a bit scary driving through the border after hearing a few horror stories. Anyway, after we crossed the border the speed limit changed from 100 to 60, wtf, Ariane's car doesn't even have MPH! I guess if we got busted for speeding I could honestly tell the officer that I had no idea how fast we were going.

Drupal Camp was sponsored by Rain City Studios, Bryght, and CivicActions. It was a wicked event, and tons of great people were there. I think I even learned a thing or two about Drupal! There were a variety of sessions, mostly about theming, modules, and general drupal coding/enhancing, there was even a geek yoga session :).

Photo taken by Kris Krug

There was a bit of confusion with our accommodations (to say the least) so we're back a day early, and now I get to go in to work for a day before heading out to Hope for Scotty's birthday party. We brought back 7 different selections of US beer (our max 48 bottles) that we can't get in Canada, so we'll be bringing some of that out for the festivities.

US Beer

Peanut Gallery

That dude has some massively

That dude has some massively sweet eyebrows.

What is drupal?

[...] of my contract work at

[...] of my contract work at the moment is Drupal related. What’s Drupal? I think you already asked that question, Carla. It’s a content management system (CMS). What’s a CMS? Yeah, I don’t know, [...]