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Things are finally starting to slow down a bit with school... all I've got left for the next two weeks are a couple hundred pages of reading, a 25-ish page paper, 2 70 minute presentations, a short research paper, and a final exam. w00t! I was suppose to give one of the presentations this morning, but the power was still out at the SFU Surrey campus (from yesterdays storm), so that was a no go. All in all though, at least I think I'm learning something [academic] in the grad program, which is more than I can say for my undergrad degree.
Ariane and I watched Hacking Democracy this weekend, even though it's pretty US centric, I highly recommend it (I think you can still find it on google video). I think the most surprising thing about the film was how surprised I was watching it. I've followed most of the US e-voting stuff since 2000 and had already heard about most of the stuff going on in the film. In a way, it makes me happy we still use paper ballets and hand counting in Canada.

Oh yeah, the title of the post... well, that was just the message under my Jones Soda cap today.