Boil water advisories


Every year we get at least a couple boil water advisories, it's often confusing whether it pertains to our specific area or not. Usually you've already had a few cups or at least washed your hands in the water prior to hearing about the advisory, if you even hear about it. For someone that often doesn't watch the news and rarely listens to the radio, I usually don't hear about the advisories until Ariane tells me about it.

So here's my question... why isn't there a BC or even Canada wide emergency email notification system. You'd just sign up with your email address, define which areas you're concerned about and wait for email when there's things like boil water advisories, or possibly even major road closures in your immediate vicinity. Except for the geographical information part of the system, any self-respecting web developer should be able to put together a system like this in less that 30 minutes... so why doesn't this exist?

P.S. I did manage to find one site that does this in BC. Not sure if there are others. Now to go buy some clean water, since supposedly we're currently under a boil water advisory.

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Why don't you just watch the

Carla, World Explorer

Why don't you just watch the news, like they did in the olden days. You can get other things out of it too, apparently.

Only for like soooo many

Scott Hadfield

Only for like soooo many reasons.
1. I don't want (nor do I often have the time) to spend 1h every night watching the news.
2. How about radio, you ask? Again, I shouldn't have to re-arrange my daily schedule to listen to radio news casts to get information that may be critical for my health.
3. Sometimes a boil water adversery, or other emergencies only affect a small portion of people... make the story not as newsworthy.
4. I get my news online, when I want it and what I want.
5. It is not the responsibility of the "news" to tell me about problems with my water supply, if there's a hotter story, they'll probably want to cover that instead.

there is a system in

there is a system in canada
on called the red
thanks have a great day!