2007 IT Predictions


Happy new year everyone! And with that, here are some of my brief tech predictions for 2007:

  1. iPod with wireless - The ability to share music with other ipod users. iTunes can do this already, and the Zune has this built in. Only a matter of time before Apple does it with their iPod.
  2. Google to allow more data portability - Google will start giving their users more control over their data instead of hogging all to themselves.
  3. Calendaring - New ajaxy web based calendar programs will popup that allow for more interoperability between other calendar apps.
  4. hd-dvd/blueray - both will flounder. Why would I want to re-purchase all of my DVDs for a negligible boost in quality? Not to mention a new DVD player.
  5. Vista - this one's easy. good luck vista, but I'll stick with Ubuntu (and maybe OS X). I think most will be sticking with XP.
  6. Mac Virus - There will be a Mac virus released into the wild. Quite possibly taking advantage of the mechanism used to gain root access.
  7. Wireless - This is one of my big hopes... free (or at least reasonably priced) wifi everywhere. Or at least in far more places than it is now.
  8. Biometrics - I hope this doesn't happen... but biometrics will start appearing in more places, such as your ATM, airports, etc.

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hd-dvd/blueray - both will


hd-dvd/blueray - both will flounder. Why would I want to re-purchase all of my DVDs for a non-negligible boost in quality? Not to mention a new DVD player.

Erm, don't you mean negligible?

Yes. That is what I meant. I

Scott Hadfield

Yes. That is what I meant. I also forgot to mention the fact that I won't buy HD-DVD or Blueray because I don't know which of the two will eventually win out.

1) More likely an AirTunes

1) More likely an AirTunes kind of thing.
3) Google Calendar already supports iCal and calendar sharing. I don't think importing matters. People will just stop using Outlook eventually.
4) Somebody will make a player that can read both bluray/hd-dvd just like there are players that play dvd+r, dvd-r, and all of the other retarded dvd formats. The same "format-battle" happened for dvds. 1080 does look better than 480 upscaled that dvd players currently offer. You really do want the higher-res when you have a TV bigger than 42". I'm starving for HD content here.

This Christmas was the Christmas of HDTV. Next Christmas will probably be the Christmas of the HD-Player. Format won't matter as much as everyone is talking about it right now.

5) Vista will sell a butt-load through OEM. Just like every other version of Windows. Hopefully, Mac OS X gains a chunk of market share and there is a price battle. I don't see it happening though.

Yeah, I like google calendar

Scott Hadfield

Yeah, I like google calendar too, it sets the standard for online calendaring... but it would be really nice to be able to host my ical files anywhere, or even to edit my google calendar files with any ical/vcal compliant application. Sort of points 2 and 3 combined.

2) I'm already hosting my

2) I'm already hosting my appspin email account through google and sharing my online calendar. It's wicked. Google needs to handle offline access though. They're on their way to being a one-stop office software solution

3) Importing would be nice cause I used to be using the yahoo calendar

4) There's a crap load of people buying 1080p tvs and a crapload that want to get the most out of it. Whatever the dominant standard turns out to be, I think the whole idea is big. People are buying ps3's just to get a blu-ray player.

7) That'd be sweet. Once that happens, Skype cell phones are gonna hit it big.

Tada. Bluray/HD-DVD combo

Tada. Bluray/HD-DVD combo drive.


Looks like HD-DVD wins.

Looks like HD-DVD wins. Slashdot has the story.

> Looks like HD-DVD

Scott Hadfield

> Looks like HD-DVD wins.

Yeah, that's what I really should have predicted. I figured sony would pull another betamax with this, just like it did with mini-disk. But I still think it won't be this year that HD-DVD wins out.