Vancouver wi-fi and terrorism

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I almost /never/ read the newspaper, but the other day, while sitting in the lunch room at work a story on the front page of the Vancouver Sun caught the corner of my eye. Proposed Vancouver system puts city at risk of attack, according to police. A hilarious article at best... now for some select quotes:

"Anyone with a laptop and wireless access could commit a terrorist act"

"They could get in and open a dam and flood a town."

"It's like 9/11," Jonasson told The Vancouver Sun. "We just never thought they'd do it."

Uh-oh, breaking out the 9/11 card. I think we need to make an update to Godwin's Law to take into account 9/11.

"Pedophiles and identity thieves are known to use wireless access to download illegal child pornography"

Oh man! Pedophiles use wireless!!??

"If you have an open wireless system across the city, as a bad guy I could sit on a bus with a laptop and do global crime"

See, normally a "bad guy" would just sit in his home to do a global crime on the Internet. Now he can do it while commuting too!? Oh, the horror!!

"... city-wide wireless Internet system puts the city at risk of terrorist attack during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games."

Do you know what else puts the city at risk of a terrorist attack during the 2010 Winter Olympics? Hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I'm not in much of a position to argue one way or the other for "free" city wide wi-fi. Though I would personally like to see it happen. But honestly, this article from the Sun reminds me why I no longer read the newspaper. Even Slashdot isn't this bad most of the time.