multisite wordpress. drupal style


Last night I spent a few hours hacking together a working multisite Wordpress patch. I modeled the setup after the Drupal multisite setup. It currently only works with the server name, not sub directories. So you can have multiple blogs such as:


But not (yet):


It looked like a couple other people had done a bit of work on a multisite setup which is where I started. But the first looked like it hadn't been maintained in years, and I was going for a different setup from what the second offered. There's also Wordpress MU, but I wanted multiple blogs, with their own database, which didn't seem to be what Wordpress MU offers.

This setup gives you:

  • Seperate database for each blog
  • A single wordpress codebase serving multiple blogs
  • Plugins and themes available to all blogs
  • Plugins and themes that are site specific

Each site you have will be located in wordpress/wp-sites/

Okay. So let's get started:

  • Download wordpress-2.1 and uncompress the source
  • Download the patch - wp-multisite-patch.txt
  • Apply the patch (run this command in the parent directory for wordpress):
    • patch -p0 < wp-multisitepatch.txt
  • Create the wp-sites folder: mkdir wordpress/wp-sites/
  • Add and configure a wp-config.php file in you directory
  • Start setting up your new site.

I've put more details about this patch on this page.

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Unfortunately I made an

Unfortunately I made an error in the permalink above. The real address is Multiple Wordpress with Debian


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I have now ;). It looks like

Scott Hadfield

I have now ;). It looks like they did something pretty similar with their "Debianised" master wp-config.php. Though, unfortunately I don't think the Debian method will allow you to have blog specific themes and plugins.

Have you looked at the way

Have you looked at the way Debian does this? Basically how it works is that the wordpress package gets installed to /usr/lib/wordpress with core files in there.

Then, each copy of WordPress simply has a folder in /var/www/whatever with its own copy of wp-config.php for differing databases, and a copy of index.php which points to /usr/lib/wordpress/wp-blog-header.php.

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[...] in two recent posts I got a little more reader feedback than I had thought. Figuring that only about 4 people read my [...]

Hi, The multisite setup for

The multisite setup for wordpress is great, but I'm looking on slightly different setup, sharing the user table for multiple site.
like in drupal we can specify different tabe prefix ( which worked ok even if you put db name as prefix, as in accessing another db in full sql sintax :P )
any idea on which part i should patch to make this possible ? i'm not familiar with wordpress' database relation , that is the real problem here :)
i need this kind of setup since i have to integrate the user database with jabber server, which has multiple branded client apps connecting to the same server. I plan to use wordpress for web based promo & registration site, currently i use drupal, which was just too much for the purpose, and a hell with it's 'magic' behind the scene :(

Have you looked at wordpress

Scott Hadfield

Have you looked at wordpress mu? It's possible that it will do what you want.

Otherwise I'm not sure what the best way to go about sharing the user table is. I haven't seen anything in wordpress that allows you to specify a different database for different tables in the system.

hi i have also been



i have also been searching for ways to publish different blogs using same server, just as you mentioned. however, can you tell me how to do that in windows?