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So in two recent posts I got a little more reader feedback than I had thought. Figuring that only about 4 people read my blog (half of which are probably not very technical), I was a bit surprised when 9 people whom I don't even know posted comments on my OpenID entry. Half of who apparently didn't even read the entry as they started arguing the 5 points I was presenting as invalid arguments. Not to mention the subject said "openid disinformation time". Now, if 9 people are posting comments, how many people are reading? 13, maybe 14?

At Northern Voice this year I caught a talk by Darren Barefoot on Why Do You Blog. One thing that was discussed was readership, "how many readers would you be happy with?" and another topic that came up was "how do you feel when your blog gets popular". Some people mentioned that it's scary when you start getting people commenting on your blog that you don't know. I can definitely re-iterate that feeling. But at the same time, it's cool that other people read your blog.

I think the coolness outweighs the scariness. I figure I'll get more readers if I start writing more controversial posts about new hot topics

Next post "why Net Neutrality is bad and DRM is good".

Peanut Gallery

If you can write something

If you can write something about the console war and liken it to a petrified Natalie Portman your traffic will go through the roof.

interesting idea....

Scott Hadfield

interesting idea.... muwahahahahahahaha!

I, too, hate it when people

I, too, hate it when people comment on blogs without reading them. But you're right - the red tulips are amazing.

wait... what?