Google Summer of Code

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As some of you already know, I'll be doing the Google Summer of Code this summer. For those of you who just asked "WTF is Google Summer of Code?", it's basically (to sum up in one sentence) Google sponsored and organized open source development. Basically, Google is paying me (and ~900 other students) to work on an open source project. If you're still curious, you can visit here or here, for more info. The basic premise is to raise awareness for open source and get more people (specifically students) involved in open source development.

GSoC officially begins on Monday and I'll be working on the Drupal project, my project proposal consists of developing a framework for allowing Drupal admins to load test their sites and more easily determine bottlenecks and such. I have a more detailed description on the Drupal SoC group, if you want to learn more. I figured it made good sense to do a Drupal project... considering about 90% of my contract work at the moment is Drupal related. What's Drupal? I think you already asked that question, Carla. It's a content management system (CMS). What's a CMS? Yeah, I don't know, really. But basically Drupal helps you build ultra sweet community based websites in like no time at all, and that's all that really matters.

Anyway, I'll probably be posting other random tech stuff here about my project... so fell free to ignore my posts tagged with Drupal and GSoC if you don't wanna hear about benchmarking, bottlenecks, scalability, load balancing, unit testing, or other such terms, my feelings will only be mildly hurt.