Pet Peeves


Happy Friday :). I'm feeling kind of ranty today, so... here are some of my pet peeves for Friday, June 1, 2007:

  1. When it's 21 Degrees outside (actually, probably hotter than that where I am), why am I cold while inside? 15 Degrees isn't a good temperature to work in... even when it's hot outside. PLEASE turn down your air conditioner! (and by "down" I mean, make it hotter) Honestly, people complain for months that they want summer and hot weather... then as soon as it comes, crank up the A/C, so much so that you have to wear a jacket inside to be comfortable.
  2. I realize that you don't know me... but does that mean you can't even acknowledge my existence when you're about to travel between 2 and 19 stories in a 3'x6' elevator with me? When someone says "hey", or "hi", or nods (often accompanied by some sort of grunting sound), the common protocol is to at least acknowledge them back. Maybe it's just those dang Yaletown people.
  3. The term "pet peeves", wtf does that even mean? I hate the term... please stop using it. Thank you.
  4. The boringness of my blog. You know, like content, look and feel, etc. What do you mean that's my fault?
  5. When people follow a sentence about global warming, with a sentence bitching about the "high" gas prices. This is mostly the "news", mind you, as opposed to individuals. While I'm on the topic... a 1L bottle of water from the same gas station you're buying the gas from is gonna cost you more than 1L of gasoline.

That's all for now (at least for the next few minutes, until I remember a really good one, that I forgot to post here). The weather's great, so let's all go outside for a smoke... oh, and be sure to stand directly in front of the entrance so that everyone has to fight through a cloud of smoke to get through.

Peanut Gallery

I thought you didn't watch/

I thought you didn't watch/ (etc etc) the news.

That's what makes it even

Scott Hadfield

That's what makes it even more annoying. Every time I do happen to watch or hear the news they seem to be going on about the same two things... gas prices and global warming.

5. Most people probably go

5. Most people probably go through 10L of gas per day and drink 1L of water per day.

You are correct that they


You are correct that they complain about the same two things, but not the subject - they complain about obese people and global warming.

I couldn't agree more re:


I couldn't agree more re: the air conditioning. That pisses me off so much. I have to wear a sweater in my office in the summer -- it's ridiculous. And the office manager gets all patronizing when I ask for my air con vents to be closed -- "one of these days you'll get really hot Shauna and want them open"...well, when that day comes (which I'm pretty sure it won't) how about we just open them again?!?!?