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First off... I had a bit of a mental lapse on my last post, with regards to the Granville Island beer. I had somehow forgot that almost all Granville Island beer is actually brewed in Kelowna... therefore, GIB is out (though I still have to finish the case in my fridge). On the bright side... I tried the Phillips Draft Dogder yesterday, and I'm gonna have to concede that it's my new favorite all around beer. Even more so than New Belgium's Fat Tire.

Anyway, the west end farmer's market started today, so I decided to walk over and see if I could find some good stuff. I ended spending almost $70 on food (a little more than planned, but hey, what can you do?). The west end farmers market is at most 1/2 the size of the trout lake one, but still good variety. I was hoping I'd be able to find some more fruit there, but I guess a lot of it doesn't come out until more mid-summer. I ended up buying salmon (smoked and fresh), cheese, beef, strawberries, raspberries, bread, some veggies, salsa, and a few other things. The cheese was from Little Qualicum Cheeseworks in Parksville. From what I've been able to find so far, they seem like one of the few local cheesemakers that makes both hard and soft cheeses (I'm pretty sure all of the gulf islands ones just do soft cheeses for the most part). The beef and strawberries came from Forstbauer natural foods. They seem pretty cool, all their beef is grass fed and they also sell eggs and a variety of fruits and veggies... they're a "biodynamic" farm just outside of Abbotsford. I'll let you know if I think can taste a difference from the "grain fed" beef I've always eaten.

Random fact #1: 100 mile house is 100 miles from Lillooet.

Random fact #2: Apparently my blog is the 2,261,228th most visited site on the web. w00t!. I think my goal for 2007 is going to be to get it below 1,000,000. Of course, that might mean blogging more frequently, but whatever.

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To spread the

To spread the might want to start by properly spellchecking your blog titles :P

This is good stuff, BTW. There are a ton of people thinking about this food stuff right now. A map of places where you bought food...and where, in turn, THAT food came from -- would be very cool.

Thanks, subject fixed :)

Scott Hadfield

Thanks, subject fixed :)

1. At least you have some


1. At least you have some wine choices w/i 100 miles, some VQA even (langley and some on the island, for example.)

2. Would you be able to fix the link to my blog? merci.

3. With your diet, do you consider all ingredients that go into the finished product, or just the finished product? what do you do about this?

wow...i couldn't agree more.


wow...i couldn't agree more. awesome.

somehow I think i put my


somehow I think i put my comment on the wrong post. it doesn't seem to fit here...

Thats a mighty goal

Thats a mighty goal scottie... you have about 5 months to accomplish the goal ;) Let the blogging begin :D