please put your garbage in the provided receptacles

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I've been reading microserfs and am really enjoying it. I don't think it's quite as funny as jpod, but definitely has a lot to think about it. It's also kind of a funny flash back to the mid-nineties tech culture. Remember the "Information Superhighway". Or how everyone pretended to hate emoticons. Ahh, the good old days.... when i was 12. Hmm... remember how on Peewee's Playhouse (man, what a freaking odd name for a show!) he had those awesome video phones. Video chat always seemed so sci fi and far away in the distance... heck, I figured we'd have flying cars before video chat. I'd probably be hard pressed to find more than a handful of my friends/family who have never done a video chat. Whereas it's a lot easier to find people who still haven't used a flying car.

By the way, has anyone else been annoyed by the stupid skytrain messages they started playing every 2 minutes telling you to "help keep the skytrain clean" and throw out your garbage. Honestly!? If someones just tossing their garbage on the ground... an annoying message isn't about to stop them. It's practically annoying me enough that if it keeps up I might have to break down and buy a car to get around. Either that or drop out of university so I don't have to commute to surrey/burnaby anymore. Wouldn't that be funny... I dropped out of university because I couldn't handle the annoying skytrain messages.