1 week and 1 day ago I started working with NowPublic, a local startup. I've more or less stopped doing the freelance thing (still finishing up contracts and doing the odd thing until the end of the year) and am working for them full time now. I'm really excited to be working for NowPublic and I'm looking forward to getting deeper into stuff here. I'll hopefully be writing a bit more about what NowPublic /is/ in the near future, but for now, here's the official one sentence summary :)

NowPublic is a participatory news network which mobilizes an army of reporters to cover the events that define our world.

I kind of forgot how different managing/scheduling development is than actually doing development. It feels a bit like a totally different profession, actually. But I get to talk/research technology and development all day, which I love doing, probably as much as doing actual coding :).

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