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Probably would have been more useful to post this before the conference started. Anyway, I decided to try to search out all active Northern Voice feeds to see what I can find, where things are, and how information is disseminated as the conference is in progress.

The focus at Northern Voice / Moosecamp is more or less about blogging, social media, and photography. Search flickr, and find photos of the talk you're currently attending, taken maybe 5 minutes ago. People live blogging the live blogging session, and micro-blogging about people blogging about people blogging at the conference. If you can follow all this, you can get your all your conference sessions and more... all without walking out your front door.

Here's the live feeds I've found (I'm sure I've missed some):

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Consolidating information is something that facebook has been able to do very well. Photos, groups, events, the wall, inbox, status updates, notes, videos, links, etc. All in one place, easily accessible. In the list above, everything there is more useful that the facebook equivalent, IMHO, however, the ability to link all of this information together is almost as useful as the information itself.

Do tools exist that can link this stuff together, on an event-by-event basis? Or is this going to be my new pet project?

Btw, congratulations to the Duane Storey for winning the Vancouver Blogger competition.

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Thanks, Scott. Here's

Thanks, Scott. Here's another one, a direct link to the output feed of a Google Blog Search for the phrase "northern voice" --

Thanks man!

Thanks man!

Nice list, Scott. I took the

Nice list, Scott. I took the liberty of adding it to the wiki.