DrupalCon Boston 2008 - Some Sessions

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Just for fun... I thought I'd put up a list of a few of the DrupalCon sessions I'm excited about. I'm going to try to blog daily and maybe post photos daily too. I was also thinking... since it seems to be getting popular to take pictures of people taking pictures, I'm gonna try and take as many pictures of people taking pictures of people taking pictures as possible.

Monday 9:30 - Drupal Multimedia (Presenters: Aaron Winborn, James Walker, Darrel O'Pry, Nathan Haug) - "This session will guide you through the steps necessary to build image, video, and audio into your sites."

Monday 1:30 - Mapping business requirements to Drupal modules: a gap-fit process (Presenter: Boris Mann) - "Join me to talk through a process of building repeatable processes in selecting modules and implementing a gap-fit analysis of which modules your new Drupal project is going to need."

Monday 3:30 - OpenID and Identity in Drupal: the future of user.module (Presenter: James Walker) - "This session will not be why OpenID, but rather what’s next with OpenID."

Monday afternoon NowPublic will be at the job fair, so drop by and say hi! :)

Tuesday 9:30 - The Future of Fields (Presenters: Barry Jaspan (bjaspan), Nedjo Rogers (nedjo), Karen Stevenson (karenS), Larry Garfield)

Wednesday 9:00 - SimpleTest: Because clicking on forms is for suckers (Presenters: Angela Byron (webchick), Rok Zlender, Karoly Negyesi (chx), Jimmy Berry (boombatower))

There's plenty more... but I think this is a good start.

And now I'm off to the airport.


Missed one!

Wednesday 9:45 - Practical jQuery - how to act like you're JavaScript-smart (Presenter: Dimitri Gaskin) - Dimitri is Drupal's 12 year old developer. I'm really looking forward to watching this presentation.