Non-realtime liveblogging of my flight - Vancouver to London

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* Arrive at AirCanada international bag checkin. Why do all these people appear to be losers? What have I done wrong in my life to be standing in a line full of losers?

* Ahh... a) I have checked luggage and b) I didn't do the web bag checkin. Oh well... I guess I'll be a loser this time around.

* Walking around international airport wing of YVR. It's actually a gorgeous airport.. happy to see my $20 of airport improvements fees is going towards something
* Airport is pretty dead

* SWEET! Found a set of hidden seats in the airport that have foot and head rests and power. How wicked.

* Find my seat. Window seat. Kind of a nice plane, much more leg room than the United flights to Boston last month. There seat plan is 2 4 2, so getting out should be easy.
* Older fellow sitting next to me... seems nice but doesn't wear deoderant.

* Fall asleep - wake up 200 miles west of Edmonton, apparently.
* Guy sitting next to me seems annoyed. I think maybe I had tried to cuddle up to him a little bit.

* Reading.

* The attendants bring around food. Youngish girl (between 8 or 12) sitting two rows up doesn't want "chicken or beef". Neither do I. The flight attendant says "It's a long flight... you /have/ to have something. We have chicken or beef." She persists. He persists. But she's young and he wins out.

* Attendant asks me "chicken or beef". In defience I say "neither thanks :)". He says... "it's a long flight" I say "I'll be ok, thanks". He gives up. Scott: 1, Flight attendant: 0.
* I have a philosophical thought to myself about "children" vs. "adults" and decide to start writing a "insightful" blog post about it and how I can't be friends with people who are unable to act like children...

* Blog post idea was retarded. Writing a "live blog" style post instead.

* The guy in office space who invents the "jump to conclusions mat" just walked by.

* Wide awake now... and it's 4:30am London time. Sweet. Time to do some work.

* I just realized that I can't remember what the 'M' stands for in LAMP. WTF!? What is the other key ingredient besides Linux, Apache and PHP???

* Ugh. MySQL. Idiot.

* Dude in front of me just reclined his seat. What ho!

* Meh. BSG Time!

* Decided to watch Lost instead... started crying part way through :)
* Sleep time.

* Bastards waking me up with breakfast. I'm sleeping!

* Plane landing.... girl puking across the isleway, yay!

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Well done scott love the


Well done scott love the live blog post style. Damn some interesting flight LOL. So what was the final score btw the flight attendant and you? MYSQL lmao!!! LOL...