Fisherman's Wharf

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Finally made it out to fishermans wharf today for the first time since I've lived in Vancouver. I'd been meaning to go there for the last two years, but for some reason just never quite made it. My parents were in town for about an hour for lunch today and needed something relatively quick, having heard heard they were some of the best in the city, I suggested fish and chips at the wharf.

FIshermans Wharf

fish and chips

The fish and chips place is called "Go Fish". Definitely not disappointed, good sized portions and about between $8-10 for a 1pc fish and chips. They were also selling spot prawn skewers, though I didn't have one, I may go back tomorrow and try it out. That was the other thing, when we arrived they had just started selling live prawns, an hour later when we went to buy some, they'd already sold out. I'll probably head back over tomorrow to pick up a pound of them for dinner.

Dad eating soup

Yesterday was the summer solstice, so happy summer everyone! I dropped by this odd but kind of cool little thing that was going on at English bay with Ariane last night to celebrate the solstice - "Circle Event - Sun Sea Cycle". Which was suppose to be a video (15 mins or so) showing the tides and sun crossing the sky over the course of the day. Unfortunately the battery for the projector only lasted 2mins, but nonetheless it was still enjoyable, and some good hippie poetry to go along with it.