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My alarm woke me up at 8 o'clock, I hit the snooze button and asked myself if it was Saturday and whether I could sleep in... then i realized it was 8pm and a friend (thanks Ariane!!) had hooked me up with free tickets to tonights Matthew Good concert. Matt seemed a little bit jaded about music reviewers, and I'm sure for good reason... to quote "people who can't play music professionally can write about it" - well, I can't do either ... and don't worry I'm not really gonna attempt to.

Photo by Duane Storey

Matt's easy going "doesn't give a shit" attitude really made their stage presence a lot more enjoyable. I've seen him in concert twice before and this time was easier going and just all around funner on stage. The "lounge music" sections of the show were particularly enjoyable :).

The first thing that really stood out to me was the lighting. Amazing lighting, timed perfectly with the music. The lights seems simple enough and kudos to the lighting people who put that part of the show. Combined with the occasional smoke, the visuals in the show were great... a lot of awesome photo opportunities tonight.

Now, I'm normally the guy at the concert that when the encore comes around I kind of hope the band doesn't come back out. Not that I didn't enjoy them, I'm just ready to leave and get on with other things that have started to occupy my mind. This was the first concert in a while that I felt the opposite. And both encores were great. It was a great crowd tonight too... clearly a lot of the fans in the audience have followed him for 10+ years since before his popularity started to fade. For some reason it seems like Vancouver concert crowds tend to be a bit quiet or reserved. Tonight everyone was singing along and really getting into a lot of songs. I was in the perfect mood for it too.

thanks for a good show

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you're welcome! i'm glad

you're welcome! i'm glad you had such a good time :-) (nice writeup btw...)

ps. hah, see the best

ps. hah, see the best things in life *are* free!

Did he actually play

Did he actually play "Giant"?