Blog upgrade


Decided to spend a bit of time tonight and upgrade my blog to drupal. Some of the old "perma" links probably won't work (but I've tried to create proper aliases to any posts that had been linked to externally), and you may get a bit of funkiness in your feed if you've subscribed, but hopefully not. I think this is the 4th blogging platform I've used in the almost 4 years that I've had this blog.

The last being wordpress (w/ akismet, which caught me a pretty 250,000+ spam comments :) ). Not that I have anything against using wordpress, but I wanted to start doing a bit more development again, and tbh, developing for wordpress has always been much more painful for me than developing for drupal.

Please let me know if you have any problems. I'm going to be trying out mollom to handle comment spam for a while instead of akismet.

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comment testing


testing the comments

20 new items in the feed, but

20 new items in the feed, but otherwise lookin good. Haha on the logo. :-p

another test