my first massage (now with happy ending)


For my birthday yesterday, Sam got me for a present (among other things), a massage at a spa just a few doors away from our apartment. Before this I'd never had a massage, always a bit too awkward and not really sure how it works (or if I'd just laugh the whole time due to ticklishness).

This place was pretty classy and the guy at the front desk even spoke English, making me slightly less nervous about the whole situation. Sam jokingly said something like "yeah, don't worry, it's a men's spa but they have women masseuse, they massage your ass and stuff, but that costs extra and I didn't pay for it :-p".

At this point, one of the girls fetched me and showed me around the facility and to the shower area, signaling for me to shower first. They had a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, and some kind of a funky shower that didn't work properly. I wasn't really sure if I was suppose to go naked or bathing suited... so I made a compromise and wore boxer briefs.

While waiting for the masseuse (there were actually two, I was getting the "four hands" treatment) I chilled in the jacuzzi and the steam room. The main masseuse fetched me, introduced me to the other one and took me to a private massage room. Both were quite fine looking Argentine ladies, though in the "fake" sort of way (bleach blonde, fake n' bake, enhanced breast types), but I'm not about to judge.

The massage was 1h long, and all I really knew was that the first 30mins was suppose to be a harder massage and the second softer. The two masseuses didn't speak much english, and when asking me what I would like, I could only really understand "aromatic" and "tantric" (<-- this got my ears perked up a bit). I got them to clarify a little bit, and in the end explained to them that I'd like a harder massage to start followed by a softer one. They seemed cool with that.

** This is where it starts getting interesting **

One of the girls signaled to me that I could remove my shorts. So I did. Lay face down and the massage commenced. They began with one massaging my upper back / shoulders, and the other... my ass. At this point I was like "hmm... I guess Sam /did/ pay the extra ;-)". As the massage progressed it was clear that one of the girls was a lot more... forward? then the other. The massage got a little bit interesting at points, but nothing I decided to say anything about, for all I knew it was still a normal massage ;). The one girl then started moving in such a way as to rub her breasts up against my hands (and yes, she was equal with both hand).

** And this was the first time I touched fake breasts (or fake breasts touched me? I know, I'm inexperienced, but I'm not afraid to admit it) **

Shortly after they asked me to roll onto my back, and covered my eyes with like a little eye covery thingy. They then massaged that side of my body for about 10 minutes or so... they were getting a little bit close for comfort, but I declined to say anything again as nothing /that/ inappropriate had happened yet, and if anything, a little less "personal" then when I was on my back... and then... one of the girls leaned up to my ear and whispered... and I swear to god I am /NOT/ lying about this, and please keep in mind and believe me when I tell you that while the massage was very nice and relaxing, in no way was I aroused in a sexual fashion... so she leans in and whispers ... "scott, you want happy ending?"

** The End **

Peanut Gallery

That would explain then why

That would explain then why you came home and had a nap.

So how much did the happy

So how much did the happy ending cost?

They had my credit card

They had my credit card details. I guess we'll know at the end of the month when I get my statement.

** The End **???!!! What the


** The End **???!!!

What the hell... what's coming next? :D

I regret reading that.


I regret reading that.

hahahahahah I HOPE that


hahahahahah I HOPE that wasn't the end :) And I can't believe Lynn regrets reading that--- after all the pictures and stuff you've put on facebook over the past year I thought she was desensitized :) happy birthday scoot! we miss you!

So if you weren't "aroused in


So if you weren't "aroused in a sexual fashion", what fashion were you aroused in? ;)


little sa

eeeeewwwwwww.....classy joint that one, you crack me up!
"the end" --> im kinda glad you stopped where you did!

The happy ending


So... where was this spa? I'm in Buenos Aires :D

:) I think it was called

Scott Hadfield

:) I think it was called Markus day spa for men... on Callao at Santa Fe

You are kidding me. My


You are kidding me. My brother's name is Markus and he loves Argentina. I don't know now whether I should send him there or whether he secretly founded it.

This kind of massage by foreign masseuses is common worldwide.


Happy belated birthday. It is amazing how a birthday boy has a choice of many spas where the very friendly masseuses will give you a happy feeling before midnight.