Made it to Cusco


Scott and I successfully made it to Cusco today... had to get up at 6am for our flight out of Buenos Aires and have a similar day tomorrow for the train ride into Machu Picchu, but it's all in good fun :).

Cusco is amazing so far, a really beautiful city. I've posted a few of the couple hundred I've taken.

I've had a few firsts today...

  • Closest I've been to the equator /not/ in a plane
  • Highest altitude I've ever been at (again, /not/ in a plane) -- Cusco is at 3500 meters, altitude sickness height. We've been drinking a lot of mate de coca which supposedly helps prevent it.
  • First time I've had a product with coca in it
  • First time I've eaten alpaca -- dinner tonight was amazing, the alpaca was marinated and cooked in a red wine sauce, super tender and tasty.

I heard that Cusco is the oldest city in the Americas, it was built by the Incas and when the Spanish arrived it was added to. A very beautiful mix of colonial and Incan architecture.

Tomorrow we're off to Machu Picchu, and assuming my battery lasts, hopefully I'll have a few more photos up tomorrow night.

Peanut Gallery

Machu Picchu

Anton and I've always wanted to go to Machu Picchu. I'm green with envy. Oh you must come to dinner when you get back and tell us all!

The only mugging that I ever


The only mugging that I ever actually saw happen in front of me occurred in Cusco. Still it's a cool city. I love the setting. There are some neat little market towns around that I checked out when I was there, oh so many years ago. Take a colectivo to one! And drink a pisco sour for me!

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