Doritos Unidentified Flavour


I was walking down Robson street last night (near Granville) and was accosted by one of the many people who try and give you crap in Vancouver. This time it turned out to be Doritos, so I was pumped :).

Apparently they're doing a promotional contest for a new flavour of chips. It must have been a "sneak peak" as their website claims it won't be out until Feb 16. They want a name and a 30 second ad and I guess have a chance to win 25K + 1% of the net sales.

Among the more interesting ingredients there's cheddar, blue, monterey jack, colby, and swiss cheeses, tomato powder, garlic powder, and sour cream powder. They're also spicy... in the chemically typical not too much taste, type of spicy. They taste quite similar to their spicy buffalo / blue cheese bags of chips, but with both flavours in a single mix.

I think in honour of valentine's day I'll suggest "nacho crush".

Peanut Gallery

i get a cut of that, right?

i get a cut of that, right? ;-)

Doritos unidentified flavour

Bonnie B

the new Name should be : Dante's Inferno

that is one hot chip!

Ever read the poem?.


Ever read the poem?.

what poem?

Scott Hadfield

what poem?

Masala Doritos

If you ever travel to India you will find many a familiar brands in completely unfamiliar flavors such as Cibaca Colgate and Masala Doritos.

Doritos Unidentified Flavour

There's another Doritos Unidentified Flavour contest now. Check out the info on Doritos Unidentified Flavour here:

Maybe the new Unidentified Doritos Flavour is Wild Doritos!