Rio's Food

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Among other things, Rio is a great place for eating. If I needed a reason to go back it would be the food. Almost without exception, all the meals/snacks/drinks I had there were delicious. On every other corner there was a juice bar serving juices of pretty much any fruit you could imagine... the juice was made to order from fresh fruits. My two personal favorites were watermelon and açai (prounounced ass-eye-EEE).

Acai is a small berry, similar to a blueberry but denser, that grows on acai palm trees. I believe they keep the berries frozen and then blend them when you order. It's not so much of a juice as it is a delicious purple-y fruit slushy. The berries have recently become popular in North America for their anti-oxidant and supposed weight loss properties. Sam and I had never heard of the stuff before we got to Rio, but we had one each just about every day. So delicious.

Roughly every 25-50 meters along the beaches (Copacabana and Ipanema at least) there's little snack bars. All selling coconuts for between 2-3 Reals (1-1.50 CAD). They keep the coconuts in fridges at these snack bars and when you buy one they chop a hole in the top with a machete so you can drink the coconut water. There's generally a decent amount in them, and it's one of the most refreshing things on a hot day.

Rio is also a big sushi place. There's very few Japanese in the city, but the people there love the stuff. Though about 4x the cost of Vancouver's, the stuff I had was also much better than most of Vancouver's. The sushi place we loved was Manekineko. And don't even get me started on the washrooms in that place. Among other things, each stall contained disposable toothbrushes.

Brazil is apparently the third largest consumer of soft drinks in the world. Most of the flavours their can also be found in North America, but one that I've never seen here that was all over Brazil was Guarana. We saw at least 5 different brands selling guarana pop (both coca cola and pepsi carry a guarana flavour). Gaurana seeds each apparently contain twice the caffeine as a coffee bean. It's apparently used in energy drinks for that reason. The drink tasted a little bit like ginger ale but sweeter.

They have plenty of deserts as well, the best I had were made with banana's. A sort of breaded deep fried banana / chocolate mixture. Mmmm...

Too bad I didn't take any pictures of the food. Maybe next time :).