Photos from Buenos Aires

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I've finally uploaded all the last of my photos from Buenos Aires. I spent two and a half months in the city from November 2nd through January 17th and was still working for NowPublic at the time. I was able to make a couple weekend trips out of town to various places including El Tigre, Iguazu falls, Uruguay, and Machu Picchu. Most of my time in BsAs when I wasn't working was spent walking around and exploring the city.

These photos are from those wandering times around the city as opposed to any trip in particular (all of which I've previously uploaded the photos for).

One of my primary goals of the trip, besides just living somewhere else for a while, was to learn some spanish. Sam and I took private spanish lessons for about a month, 2h lessons four times a week. I can't say I can speak spanish now, but I can understand a lot and read most things. It wasn't really clear just how well Sam and I had become at understanding and communicating with spanish until we went to Brazil (where primarily only portuguese is spoken) and remembered just how little we knew when we first arrived.

In some of the areas of the city (for example San Telmo, Caminito) the restaurants put on outdoor tango shows. It was nice if you were in the mood for it (which I was about 50% of the time), and we also went to a more formal Tango show to see what it was suppose to be like. Though a bit touristy, still quite enjoyable. Especially so when Sam took the stage!

One of my more favorite things to do in the city on weekends was just to head out to one of the many local markets. The two we visited most were the Recoleta market in Plaza Francia and another market in Palermo. We never made it out to San Telmo for their apparently "must see" market, but the city is littered with small markets in parks, local artists and designers selling their stuff.