Back in Vancouver

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I arrived back in Vancouver from the farm Monday evening and just got my last few photos up now.

I had another great time out there and glad I was able to make it. Something about being out on the farm and eating mostly food that was picked that day that just really relaxes you. The greenhouse they put up in the spring when I was there had done quite well for them and saved them from losing their entire tomato crop (it was a really tough year weather wise for everyone on the east coast this year).

My last night there my Dad took us all out for dinner to probably the nicest restaurant in St Andrews, The Rossmount. They buy a lot of produce from the farm so it's always nice for the guys to be able to get out there and see what can be done with some of their food. We all had three courses and everyone's food was amazing. At around $20 for a main course, I thought the price was really reasonable. It's pretty rare to get a meal as good as I had there for that price anywhere around Vancouver.

If anyone who reads this feels like they need a bit of a break and wants to go farm for a couple weeks, just let me know and I'll hook you up with them :).

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Dude that totally makes *me*

Dude that totally makes *me* want to go to the farm. *sighs* One day I'll get back there... it's so beautiful.