Chopsticks that cost more than a years supply of sushi?


We stumbled upon a chopstick store today in Ginza, Tokyo. A super neat tiny store with every kind of chopstick you could imagine, chopsticks for kids, chopsticks with coloured pencils on the back, training chopsticks, great chopstick stands, etc... they also had /these/ chopsticks...

This innocent looking pair of chopsticks weigh in at 18,900 yen, which is the equivalent of $226 CAD. Ok, so maybe not a years supply, but you could buy a lot of sushi for that price in Vancouver. To me all it looked like was plain wood chopsticks... but perhaps they're magical or something too, and make all food they touch turn to gold.

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... Pencil-chopsticks would be really useful. I sometimes get good ideas while eating sushi. Not all the time, but sometimes.

I easily spent $226 on sushi


I easily spent $226 on sushi in Vancouver and i was there for only a month :P hahaha but i was eating it in copious amounts and at a variety of places. I probably could have been more thrifty, but it was a delicious month!