Random observations in Tokyo


Always when first arriving in a new city you'll notice odd things that everyone else just perceives as normal... and you do too after a couple weeks. I wish I'd written more down in Buenos Aires, I recall there being a bunch of things but can now only remember a few. I've listed a few my random observations from Tokyo after one week below:

  1. Tokyo-ites seem to just LOVE iced coffee. Pretty much every time Sam orders coffee (since I don't drink it) she's asked if she wants it iced (of course she never does.. who would want cold coffee?? ;-)). It's quite rare to see a Japanese person drinking coffee that /isn't/ iced.
  2. No one here walks and eats (not chips, pizza, hot dogs, sushi, not even drinks really). It's a direct contrast to NYC where all food is /designed/ to be eaten while walking.
  3. People won't jaywalk. Even if the road is only 10 feet wide and there's no cars for miles, 95% of people will wait for 2 minutes for the walk signal to permit them to cross... another contrast to NYC where people will probably scowl at you if you're not jaywalking
  4. There's at least two convenient stores within eye sight anywhere you stand in Tokyo. It seems that a large number of people get their daily meals from 7-eleven, ampm, and other convenience store chains. Some of the food is quite good quality from these stores too, if you can believe it. Not just corn chips with an odd edible oil based cheese flavoured product poured over top.
  5. It's been a challenge for Sam and I to find much sushi here. The sushi we have found has been delicious though. Always super fresh. It's kind of crazy not being able to find sushi here... it's like going to Italy and not being able to find pasta.
  6. No wifi... anywhere! I've seen a few locked networks but pretty much nowhere has any wifi. The odd open pay-per-use network I've found I haven't been able to use as I couldn't figure out how to pay since everything is in Japanese and I can't run the page through google translate without paying first :).
  7. And lastly... Tokyo deserves the title "city that never sleeps" much more than New York. 10pm on a Sunday and all the shops are open and hundreds of people are out and about. I recorded this video mostly as a test for the video capabilities of my new camera. Not bad for how much it cost... I'll hopefully do a review of it later once I've used it a bit more under water. The camera is the Intova SP8.

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I agree with you about strange things seeming normal after a while. I just wrote an article for the Clan MacLeod magazine, and had to look up the things I found strange when I first got there.
Are there many times you can't understand anyone?

We don't undestand anything

Scott Hadfield

Haha, we don't understand anyone ever here :). We're never really sure what we're going to get or what's going to happen when we go somewhere. As Sam put it... it's kind of like we're in a cartoon and we have question marks floating above our head everywhere we go :).

Btw, what is the Clan MacLeod magazine?

clan MacLeod


here's the facebook group: MacLeod - Canadian Clan MacLeod Society
I joined by meeting Ian MacLeod in Richmond and paid him my $35. He is a retired Lawyer. Emma Halford(MacLeod)Forbes, is the editor and I stayed with her parents in Scotland. I want to go back there next year, so am looking for a rich man or a job like you have. Actually I like the rich man option., Know any? 45 - 65, nice, good looking, and good you know where. Ha ha.

Walking and eating


Yeah when I visited Japan I noticed that nobody eats and walks. It is a big culture shock when you compare it to America where we are eating everywhere and anywhere.

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