New Phone Number


Due to the unfortunate incident with my last VoIP company I've had to switch providers. Because the number I had been assigned on that network was a Richmond number very few VoIP providers were able to transfer it to their service, for this reason I've needed to just drop my 604 number and get a whole new phone number.

My 604.248.4875 is now dead. My new VoIP number is 778.785.9786. That number will probably always just go to voicemail (and I usually call back within minutes if I'm at my computer) except when I have a cell properly set up in which case it will forward to my local cell number.

Note that my Vancouver cell number is still 778.239.2644... that hasn't changed. I just don't use it unless I'm in North America. I have my VoIP number so that my friends/family can easily contact me no matter where I am.

I also decided to add a new block to the sidebar of my blog that lists out a bit of information regarding my location, phone number, address, current time, etc. I'll theme the block later, just wanted to get it up for now.

For the record, I still haven't heard back from about my cancellation, I'm fully expecting them to send me another invoice :-/.

Peanut Gallery


I'm up too late when I should be sleeping and wandered in here and sat down to read the last few entries. Really enjoyable writing, you're hitting your stride with this blogging thing :P

One of these days I need to uproot and take this show on the road too. Squeeze Sam for me, and see if you can find a noodle shop while you're in tokyo. Oh, and there is some hotel downtown that has hot spring baths in the basement. The memories are a little hazy from the last time I was there :P

Thanks Boris!

Scott Hadfield

Been trying to keep on top of my social media stuff as much as I can lately ;-). Plus I finally feel like I have stuff to write about again. I think I know of the hot spring baths place you're referring to.. we tried to find it one night, but ended up just getting lost :).