Fifty Five Square Foot Room


Due to a lack of planning, Sam and I stayed in Tokyo this weekend. We'd originally planned to head out to Mt. Fuji, but unfortunately was prohibitively expensive with last minute planning (all we could find was roughly $300CAD / night). So we had to move out of our previous luxurious 215 sqft apartment into a hostel for last night and tonight. Tomorrow we're staying at a hotel near the airport since our flight out is quite early in the morning.

Anyway, our current place is a whopping 55 square feet! (about 5 square meters). Let me tell you, it's been fun :).

I'm pretty sure we could squeeze another person (with luggage) in here.

Peanut Gallery

the high life


Hey Scott,

Looks like you guys are living the high life over there! Haha...looks like a lot of fun though. Have you ever read "4 hour work week" by any chance? Seems kind of like what you guys are doing...running a company and yet living your lives at the same time. Unfortunately I can't do that in my line of work. haha.

yeah, I've read that book.

Scott Hadfield

yeah, I've read that book. probably part of my inspiration to go to buenos aires last year. All the technology exists to make it work in your line of work, but the mindset isn't there yet ;). There's also a lot to be said for being one-on-one and in person when it comes to learning.