Hi from Thailand

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We arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday afternoon and so far have just been mostly relaxing and enjoying the food. I have a Thai friend in Bangkok that I use to work with so we've gone out with him a couple times and had amazing food (I just let him choose the food :) ). It's been quite humid, but fairly moderate temperatures in the mid-20's so quite bearable. Sam's mom arrives today, so we should finally start doing some sightseeing today or tomorrow. We're staying near Khoasan Road in Bangkok until Tuesday and then heading out to the islands.

Our last day in Tokyo turned out to be quite a good one. We decided to put our luggage in storage lockers at one of the train stations and went to Kappabashi dori -- the kitchenware district. Lots of "relatively" cheap kitchen supplies including all the plastic food they use throughout the city to represent a restaurants menu. We also saw one guy making plastic food, so I guess you can order it on demand if you need to. I knew there was an Onsen (Japanese hot spring) nearby so after shopping for a couple hours we went in search for it. Sam decided to keep shopping and I took a half hour dip.

The water was /very/ hot (for me) and I felt extremely refreshed and rejuvenated afterwords. There are apparently Onsens all over Tokyo, they're government subsidized too, so that everyone can afford them. We stayed in the Hilton by the airport on our last night there, which was a slight upgrade from the previous accommodations. Internet at the Hilton (not even wifi) was at the hefty price of $40/hour and Sam found a menu which listed the price of a hot dog at 2200 yen (~$25).