Losing Sam's Mom, and a monsoon, at the biggest market in the world


Having been to the worlds biggest fish market just a week or so ago, I thought it only natural to visit the world's biggest market when I found out that it was in Bangkok.

So the other day (after getting mislead by a conniving Tuk Tuk) we caught a cab and headed for Chatuchak weekend market. This market is 35 acres in size, more than 5000 booths and apparently has 200,000-300,000 visitors EVERY SINGLE DAY (that it's open, since it's only a weekend market). Here's the google map of the place.

It took the three of us (Sam, myself, and Sam's mom who arrived this past Friday) roughly 2.5h to walk only one dimension of the market (with shopping in between of course). It seemed that they weren't too keen on bargaining with foreigners, but it didn't matter, since the prices were so cheap to begin with.

After a while we decided to split up and meet back at the entrance we came in at in 1.5h which was when the market started closing up for the weekend. Sam and her mom did more shopping and I mostly just took some photos and ate some street food. I arrived back to the entrance first, and then walked around a bit more and found Sam.

Off in the distance you could see there was an amazing storm headed our way. About 15 mins later Sam's mom still hadn't arrived, so we figured she must have gotten lost somewhere and hoped she'd be here before the storm was in full swing. I think we first started getting worried when the storm was nearly overhead, lots of lightning and people running down the streets trying to find proper shelter and pack their shops in before it hit full swing.

It wasn't until the torrential downpour started that we began our search through the market. By this time most people had packed up their shops, it had become quite dark out, and the rain was coming down like crazy. I decided to run along the front of the market to see if she'd ducked into a sheltered area there. After about 30 minutes of searching and being completely drenched (basically as if I'd stepped into a shower with all my clothes on) Sam decided to look and I waiting at the meeting point with our stuff.

In the meantime, Sam's mom had also been in a frantic search for us (obviously) and the meeting point. After getting turned around a few times by bunk directions she happened upon two British guys who decided they had nothing better to do than help her find her way. While we were running around trying to find her, they were also running around trying to find us yelling our names out through the streets :).

Sam and her mom ended up both going to the information booth only moments apart and happily found each other. (Though I think Louise hid behind the British guys for fear that Sam would beat her with her umbrella).

So all in all it was a great day... and really, if you were going to get lost anywhere I think this market is one of the more acceptable places :). Here is just one of the many delicious items that could be purchased on the streets of the market:

Peanut Gallery

Crazy!! I hope you all knew


Crazy!! I hope you all knew the address of where you're staying. I'm amazed at your fascination for going to markets, Scott. I always thought you had a mall (shopping) allergy. Also, any hint of what that is in the picture? Is it alive? Oh I just looked at the caption. How did it taste?

a market isn't the same as a

Scott Hadfield

a market isn't the same as a mall. markets are much more fun... even when i don't buy anything :).

Yeah, I'm not brave enough to try things like that yet :)