Kruger National Park


We finished the first leg of our road trip Wednesday which was a quick three nights through Kruger park. Though Kruger park is one of the largest game reserves in the world a lot of people had mentioned that Kruger isn't really one of the best places for animal watching as it's just so huge and at this time of year (going into fall) the brush is relatively overgrown. In the end I was blown away by everything we saw. It was my first time seeing so many animals in the wild. We saw everything from elephants to warthogs to crocodile.. and dang, african elephants are HUGE! I think if one had the time five days in the park would be ideal. We didn't spot any cats or rhino, but hey.. now there's reason to go back ;-)

We stayed in Kruger for two nights and then stayed just outside of the park the last night. The first night we stayed at Punda Maria, the northern most rest camp. It was quite small but had a little convenience store and restaurant (if we told them in advance we wanted to eat there). The second night we stayed at Letaba. Though nicer overall there were no power outlets in the room which hurt the photo taking for the following day as I couldn't recharge the camera battery properly (note to self: get a small solar charger). All the places in the park have thatch roofing which I personally think is quite cool. The restaurant at Letaba also overlooks a river bed which allowed us to watch a few animals enjoying the stream as we ate breakfast. Very cool.

I've posted a few photos on flickr from Kruger... and yes, all the animals in the photos are real :).

Scott and I arrived in South Africa a week ago. Sam, Scott, and me are doing a 3 week road trip around the country, starting with Kruger and now off to Cape town and the winelands. From there we'll be driving around the Garden Route and into the Durban area for some scuba diving.

For now, here's a video of an elephant that was sizing us up as a mating partner....

Peanut Gallery

A great start

Lady Ri

Hluhluwe Umfolozi is by far my favourite park in South Africa but Kruger is a great introduction. It was an exceptionally good rainy season and the veld looks fantastic (I was there about a month ago). You should have seen quite a lot of young animals which is quite an experience in itself.

Strangely enough, on my last trip I ran first out of memory, borrowed a card from my boet just to have the battery die shortly thereafter with the most beautiful knobbly fig (Ficus sansibarica) which I could not photograph :s

I hope that the rest of your trip will be even better and that cruger would have been nothing but a good start in the end!

Thanks! Ya we saw babies of

Scott Hadfield

Thanks! Ya we saw babies of everything. It was very cool.
Do you have a blog or anything? Would love to see how your travels are going :-)



Whew - looks like he (she?) rejected you for mating.

looks like you guys are


looks like you guys are having a "blast". hope you continue to enjoy your "travels".

looks "like" bliss is "a" dork!

cool pics scoot!