A new blog RSS feed


Since I'm writing a lot more technical posts now than I have historically, I've decided to make another RSS feed for people who don't want the tech posts clogging up their RSS readers. You can subscribe to it here: General posts

If you want to read only the technical posts, but not the other stuff then subscribe to this one: Technical posts

And if you don't mind getting both, then you don't need to change anything.

Peanut Gallery

Drupal Planet?

Why not have a tag specially for the Drupal Planet? Seems a lot of posts would be interesting to many Drupal developers.

Do it!

Thanks Khalid :)

Scott Hadfield

Thanks Khalid :) I actually do have a planet tag. Just waiting for someone to have time to look at this request http://drupal.org/node/826198

Added to the planet

It is added now ...

Sweet! You rock :)

Scott Hadfield

Sweet! You rock :)