Road trip to Bantry Bay Farm - Day 11!

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We left for the farm last Monday and if all goes well we've got only one more day of travel before we arrive on the farm. For those who don't know this already, my brother and a few of his friends decided (mostly on a whim ;-) ) to move out to the east coast and start an organic farm. This is their fourth season on the farm (correct me if I'm wrong, Mike) and they're still going strong. But always happy to have some extra hands out there, so we like to come out every once and a while and pull some weeds and eat their food ;-).

The trip so far has been awesome. A lot of long driving days in the west, I've embedded a google map of our trip thus far at the end of my post.

A few highlights from the trip:

1. The Royal Tyrell museum at Drumheller. This museum was awesome! If you go plan on spending 4 hours there.
2. Fresh made cinnamon buns and bread at a family members place in milestone. We put our order in with Jim on Sunday before we left, and arrived for freshly baked goods on Wednesday. We've had bread for the rest of our trip thus far, and still two full loaves left.
3. Because we'd had a couple drinks, and had been discussing our work a lot, we decided to make a Drupal website for Jim's bread business that night. Three hours later and he's got a website and can take orders online. Drupal FTW!
4. Spent a day in Chicago with Nina, Mitch, and Bridget. Nina is one of Sam's best friends from South Africa. We also filled up on several thousand calories worth of deep dish pizza. mmmmm!
5. Afternoon in Montreal coding on Aegir stuff with the guys at Koumbit. Good times! :)
6. Rolling of 111111 mileage on the motorhome's odometer
7. Exploring Quebec City! (well that's todays thing, but I'm sure it will be amazing).

We should be at the farm tomorrow evening and ready to hit the dirt Saturday.

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Sooo wish I could have come


Sooo wish I could have come along for the ride! Hope the motorhome makes it all the way.