Quite a year... here's to another!

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I've been pretty quiet online lately, and was even asked the other day if my camera was broken since I hadn't posted any photos for so long! Well, fortunately my camera /isn't/ broken, and Sammy bought me a new one for my birthday!!! (the S95 for those who are curious :) ).

The past few months have been pretty hectic and in fact it's been quite an insane year for me (and I think probably Sam as well :) ). Reflecting on the past year, I thought I'd just post a few of the cool things that have happened:

The year actually started out with me flying in a tiny little airplane. Sam's sisters boyfriend Nick took me up while he was doing training. Really quite an unforgettable experience! :)

A month later Sam and I took a weekend away to an amazing "lodge" where she "reverse" proposed to me and we got engaged! The whole weekend was amazing beyond words.

I flew back to Vancouver only days after our engagement for the Olympics and got to watch the Mens curling team take gold! :)

I was only in Vancouver for a month, before flying back to South Africa with Scott Mac and we did three week road trip from Kruger park to Cape town to Sodwana bay, almost completely circling the country (we really only missed the north west corner). Along the way we saw tons of wild animals, wine tasted in the cape, went great white shark cage diving (where I spent most of the time sea sick over the side of the boat), rode ostriches(!?), went scuba diving, and ended the trip by attended a friends wedding. Some of the driving through rural South Africa is pretty insane, and you really do feel like you're in "Africa". Fortunately out of sheer coincidence Scott Mac was driving through almost ALL of the crazier sections of the road, so Sam and I were able to sit back and just hope we survived.

Shortly after Scott left, Sam and I started apartment hunting in Cape town. We put in four offers in two weeks and our last offer was accepted! We bought our own apartment in Cape town!! w00t! We started doing reno's on it immediately, and as many of you already know we had quite some troubles with our builder. We ultimately had to fire him and mostly start over getting things fixed that he'd essentially broken. We weren't able to 100% complete the reno's before we left in August, but it was done enough that we could have friends and family stay there while we were away.

Our apartment is located only a few blocks from the Cape town soccer stadium and the FIFA world cup started only days after we moved in! The vibe was super amazing. The vuvuzela's (pronounced voo-voo-zella) were a little tedious at times ;).

We flew out to Europe in mid-august for Drupalcon and did a quick trip through a few big european cities (Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Paris).

When we got back to Canada, we almost immediately left for a road trip across Canada with me dad in the motorhome! We stayed at my brothers farm in new brunswick for about 3 weeks or so until just after thanksgiving.

We then settled down into Vancouver for a few months and Sam experienced her first "real" snowfall ever! Which she celebrated by face planting herself in a pile of snow. We spent Christmas in Vernon and now we're here!

Through all of this we were also quite busy getting our business wedful.com ready to launch. Which it now finally is!

So ya, it was a fun year to say the least! We got to spend time with so many of our awesome friends too which unfortunately is one of the toughest things for us when moving around so much.

We've got tons of plans already for the new year, and I'm sure it's going to be just as wild as 2010 :). But if all goes to plan, we should have a bit of a slow down in 2012 which should be nice ;-).

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<3 Aww Scoddy <3 What a

<3 Aww Scoddy <3

What a ridiculously full year we've had. I'm looking forward to spending another one with you.