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It originally started out as mostly a joke, but eventually the joke turned into what seemed like a good idea. For several reasons, Sam and I decided to get hitched in vegas this weekend!! We had a few of our best friends there, my parents, Sam's mom (which was kept as a complete surprise to Sam), and Elvis! The ceremony was quick and fun and we'll have plenty of pictures and hopefully some video up in the next week or so.

We still plan to have a "proper" wedding and reception with everyone, and the date for that will probably be December 14, 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa. We're hoping a lot of friends and family from Canada will be coming too, but realize that it's going to be quite a difficult trip to plan and budget for. We'll be organizing a number of events following the wedding including a trip up to Kruger park for a few days.

As might be expected we'll have a website for our wedding which we'll be spamming everyone about shortly :)

Leslie has already posted a bunch of amazing photos from vegas on her blog. Thanks so much Leslie and Mark for photo-ing us!! :)

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Congratulations on getting

Mark M

Congratulations on getting hitched Sam and Scott! Awesome wedding photos - will be one to remember for sure.