Vegas baby, vegas!

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So right now I /should/ be in Las Vegas with Sam at a five star hotel... but instead I'm still in Vancouver and Sam's in Vegas by herself. We're going to Vegas with a few friends this weekend and me and Sam wanted to go down a bit early to have a night to ourselves. We drove down to Bellingham last night to stay in a hotel so we didn't have to stress about the flight the next morning (way cheaper to fly out of Bellingham). While we made it out of bellingham, we didn't both make it out as planned :)...

So the last couple days I'd been getting some bug bites, which is annoying. But this morning I woke up and realized they clearly weren't bug bites, but actually hives!!?? So I took some anti-histamine and benadryl, but neither did much. It was on my face and sides quite badly and after we checked in at the airport I went to the bathroom to check out the rest of my body and it had gotten like 10x worse. I didn't have proper travel insurance for this trip either...

Sam went through this about 7 months ago, and I knew there was a good chance I'd at least need a prescription if not worse, so I decided to save a few hundred dollars and drive back to Vancouver to a doctor.

We're flying Alaska Air and they were SUPER amazing. Very friendly and accommodating. Even though I had the cheapest fare, they were still happy to change my flight for me free of charge considering my situation. The next morning flight (tomorrow) was fully booked though, so they bumped me up to first class!!! I've never flown first class so I'm totally excited about that! So kudos to Alaska Air staff! Will definitely make them a priority to fly in the future.

So anyway, I've seen a doctor in Canada now, got proper travel insurance /just in case/ (funny, cause I /always/ travel with insurance, and the one trip I don't get it for I need to come back to Canada to deal with the issue... Murphy!?). Anyway, all is sorted out now and I'm heading out for Vegas in the morning :-D.

If I'm feeling motivated maybe I'll post a video or two AND some pics of my hives :). I'm sure everyone wants to see how it looks like I got implanted by aliens.