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I arrived in Venice safe and sound yesterday and hopped on a boat into town. There's a bus you can take if you want and I think it's quite cheap... like 3 euro or something. But I decided to opt for the 15 euro boat trip in, about 75 minutes and well worth it.

I'd not pre-booked any accommodation for this trip, which is a first for me and admittedly I was a bit (irrationally?) stressed out about it :). When I got to my hotel the price per night was significantly higher than was listed on a few travel sites but I decided to stay anyway, mostly since the room seemed ok and I was tired of looking for a place. Everywhere else I saw was somewhat more expensive anyway. After checking in I ended up founding a place that was a bit nicer and the same price so I'll be staying there tonight.

My initial impression of Venice is that it's quite a cool place. Though accommodation is quite pricy, food, transport, and other things seem to be reasonably priced (of course I say this as I'm eating at a cafe with no prices in sight, so I hope I don't get burned this time around ;-) ). Maybe for Italy it's expensive, but I'm still feeling the pain of Copenhagen prices, so everything in Europe seems cheap to that ;-). Unsurprisingly everyone speaks English here so language isn't a problem. Stereotypically Venice is a city about the romance and though there's plenty of couples here and nice hotels, it doesn't really seem any more romantic of a city than any other major city in Europe (i.e. Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Budapest, ...). It actually seems like it would be a fun place to come partying with friends.

For those wondering... no, Venice is nothing like the Venetian in Vegas :). The city has no roads for cars, which is very nice, and pretty much everything is walkable or for 6.50 euro you can also take a water taxi pretty much anywhere in the islands. The one catch with the walkability is that the city is a literal maze of alley's. It's totally amazing, and even /with/ a map you're bound to get lost. I've never really experienced anything like it and it's quite enjoyable to not really ever know where you are :). The water here is obviously a very key aspect of transport and the waterways are so busy that in the larger waterways they actually have proper "lanes" that boats must stay in.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to Ljubljana (assuming I can find a way there, which seems to be a challenge from this city) and I'll probably try and grab a drink with Rok.