Rio's Food

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Among other things, Rio is a great place for eating. If I needed a reason to go back it would be the food. Almost without exception, all the meals/snacks/drinks I had there were delicious. On every other corner there was a juice bar serving juices of pretty much any fruit you could imagine... the juice was made to order from fresh fruits. My two personal favorites were watermelon and açai (prounounced ass-eye-EEE).

Acai is a small berry, similar to a blueberry but denser, that grows on acai palm trees. I believe they keep the berries frozen and then blend them when you order. It's not so much of a juice as it is a delicious purple-y fruit slushy. The berries have recently become popular in North America for their anti-oxidant and supposed weight loss properties. Sam and I had never heard of the stuff before we got to Rio, but we had one each just about every day. So delicious.


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At YVR currently waiting for a delayed flight. The new domestic wing is pretty huge now. Took about 10 mins or so to walk to my gate from security. I think YVR is easily my favorite airport... especially now with the free wifi.

Hard to believe that I just got to Vancouver a month ago and already I'm leaving for another trip away. I decided to splurge for the month and stay in a loft in gastown. I've wanted to see what it was like living in gastown for a while and am glad I got to, if even only for a month. I doubt I'd live here again until they build a proper grocery store.

Illuminate Yaletown

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Last night was the illuminate yaletown show happening on mainland and hamilton. It was kinda cool. Lots of people out, some neat light shows, some lame ones, some ice sculptures. Mostly just nice to walk around. I took a few photos at the event, the better ones are up on flickr here.

Rio's Favelas


Brazil is quite a poor country, and in Rio it's easy to get into trouble if you don't keep aware of your surroundings. We had few problems ourselves and even took a tour of a local Favela. Favela's are basically illegal neighbourhoods with no authorized electricity, plumbing, or phones, yet a majority of the population lives.

While the city was younger with fewer people, the government decided to turn all of the mountain sides into official parks, so that no one could build there. The mountains were to be used for everyone's enjoyment, not just the rich. With little land nestled between the steep mountains I imagine the city quickly ran out of affordable places for middle and lower class people to live. So they started building up the mountain sides into the park land.

Rio de Janeiro Photos

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I took a bit of time off during the last two weeks of my South American trip to visit Rio with Sam. The photos from that trip are now up on flickr.

To be perfectly honest, I don't think either of us will call Rio a highlight of the trip. When we arrived the hostel was a bit dodgy (as you'd probably expect in South America, but it wasn't cheap either.. about $80CAD/night). With no air conditioning in 35+ degree heat and high humidity... it was a bit too much for either of us to handle. We moved to a hotel after a few days and then to an apartment for the final week. Well worth the hassle to get some A/C.