Speaking of Lame...

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So last night I went out with a couple friends but didn't invite friend X. It's ok though, cause friend X is pretty lame and never does anything anyway. But it was kind of boring, so we got to talking about how lame friend X really is. And then we decided to call him a few times just to tell him that he's fucking lame, which he totally is. But I'm totally not lame, I'm like a total swinger... but without the swing, more like just a total ****er. And he had planned for us to go to this lame assed beer fest where there'd be something like 100 different microbrews... blah, give me some molsons baby. It sounds kinda lame anyway, so I think I'm just gonna work until 7 and go late (it starts at 5, and he said he was gonna try to get there around 5:30, but whatever, lamer!).

And now, friend X is all like, "you want lame? Cause I can give you lame." And he's decided to bail on us on anything we plan for at least the next two months (including the beer festival) in favour of doing gentoo development and contract work. Like wtf, we already know you're lame you don't have to prove it or anything? What the fuck is the matter with that lamer anyway? At least I can work late tonight now (and during any other lame thing he might have wanted to do in the next couple months), which will probably be funner that any of his lame events anyway.


Disclaimer: Parts of this entry may be a dramatization of actual events

Terry fox run


The terry fox run was today, took me 20 minutes this year. I think when Parv and I raced it two(?) years ago we did it in ~25, so that was a bit of an improvement. Of course it was a different course this year, but I think it was roughly the same distance.

Which OS are you?



This is good stuff, except for the OS that supposedly I am... lame!

You are OS2-Warp. You're plagued by feelings of abandonment and disgust for your backstabbing step-brother.  Oh, what might have been.
Which OS are You?

HOWTO: Picking a good movie [for you]


Want to watch a movie?
Don't know which movie to pick because the ones you've heard of all look shitty, and the rest, well, you've never even heard of them?

If so, then this guide's for you.

Sure, there's plenty of movie review web sites and magazines. But you can never tell what those people have been smoking or who's been paying them off. Like look how well the fast runner did. Maybe some people liked it, but it sure wasn't my bag, baby.

What you really want to know, is what the producer or writer of the movie was smoking, not the reviewers. And a surefire way to figure that out is the soundtrack.

The soundtrack is a very important part of a movie. The music has to "go" with the movie. A movie who's soundtrack doesn't really fit, will be an odd movie indeed. So a sure way for you to get a feel for the movie before even renting it (and in most cases, without even seeing a preview) is to look at (or listen to) the soundtrack.

For example, if you despise "bands" such as Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson and the movie you were thinking about has that style of music on their soundtrack, you'll probably want to avoid the movie. If you hate 80's music, odds are you won't really be into most movies written now, that take place in the 80's.

Of course this only helps if you know the songs, so it might be worth your while to download a couple of songs from the album to see what they're like.

I can almost garauntee, if you like the soundtrack, you're bound to like the movie, and vice-versa. But don't get me wrong, there's always exceptions.

CBC Online Radio


Alright, if you've ever listened to cbc radio online you should know that as of August 30 they started providing support for ONLY windows media player. They use to support realplayer and that mac streaming format as well. Their reasons for dropping support for the other two are euphemisms for laziness at best. But more likely than not they probably just have some windows zealot in middle management.

So why is this bad? It's not because microsoft is an "evil" company. Nor is it because a government corporation, whom my taxes go to, should be supporting open standards. It's because if you use linux (or plan on using it in the future) you will not be able to listen to CBC radio online. Remember these are your tax dollars paying for the service. Linux has a desktop market share of roughly 5%, soon to over take Macs if it hasn't already. Meaning roughly 1 in 20 people can't listen to CBC radio online.

I wrote them a fairly kind email last night about why it they're going to support only one format, they should at least try to pick the format that the "widest audience" (their words, not mine) could access. So please, I urge you, send them an email telling them why they should support realplayer. Even as much as we all hate Real as a company, they're still the only [popular] format that truly supports the three most popular platforms.

Oh yeah, and I should add the links:
the feedback form
Their reasoning

I also just started a thread on the gentoo forums.