Public Speaking

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So about 4 weeks ago I volunteered to do a little speech at the student orientation that took place today. Sure, 4 weeks ago it seemed like a good idea, it sure didn't an hour ago though. There was suppose to be 70 people there, so that's what I got psyched up for, only 18 showed up, but since I had already psyched myself for 70 there may as well of been that many, cause that's sure what it felt like. I think my voice was shaking when I did it, but I don't know.

I'm happy about it now though, it went off pretty good. And now I can go on with my life.



My office is so cold today it's hard to even type (and my feet are falling asleep). I swear that they put the airconditioning on during the colder days. There's literally cold air blowing in from a vent right above my head! I've even asked Ariane to bring up my toque if she decides to come up today.

On another note, I was using a urinal in one of the washrooms today and this dude comes in and uses the urinal right next to me, he started off his peeing by [accidentally] pissing all over his foot and on the ground, I couldn't even believe it! And then after he was done he just shook off his foot and left, as if it's a regular occurance. People like that should NOT be allowed to use urinals, sure, I could understand if it was on a plane/train/or ferry, but come on. A few more inches and that piss would have been all over the side of my leg. I barely escaped before the pool of pee on the ground reached my urinal and hit my shoes.

Houseboat et al.

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Well I'm back from the houseboat trip and a mini blogging hiatus. The houseboat trip was pretty awesome, despite the weather, and yes Leslie, there was a slide, but more importantly a hot tub! I've posted some pics here (under 'hadfield style'). And if you want a more detailed event of what happened, read Ariane's blog entry which pretty much says everything I would've (and more!)

I've been pretty busy at work lately, feeling a bit under appreciated most of the time, but whatever. I haven't had much time to work on my Gentoo coding unfortunately, but I'm thinking of taking 3 or 4 days off work to work on it. I'm working on a script repository that will allow gentoo users and developers to post random sysadmin style scripts for everyone to use. Right now most people just use the forums which leaves a lot to be desired.

My new work motto (thanks to Parveen's link) is:
Never attribute to malice, that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

It really makes work a lot more bearable. :-)

waiting impatiently

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for the end of work. We're leaving for the houseboat trip in two hours and I think my excitement has killed any ability I had to concentrate on coding for the day. This is what sucks about working in an office with other people. They all know when you leave early. blah. Only one hour left today... maybe I'll do some job hunting. Not enough time to make it worth the effort of concetration.

Bad boys

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bad boys, whatchya gonna do when they come for you?

that was the theme song on our street last night. We heard some breaking glass and went outside to see if someone was trying to break into Ariane's car or something. Turns out there was a couple people who seemed awfully high and violent outside the "crazy" house (there's been a few "incidents" there so far this summer). Then one dude who wasn't wearing a shirt went up to the door of the old man across the street and started yelling and banging on his door and shit. Sounded like he broke his glass door too.

So at that point we called 911. Then the dude started to go around the back and it sounded like he broke the side window on Jack's place (jack is the old man). Don't know if it actually got broken. And then the dude with no shirt ran back into the crazy house and came out holding what looked like a big ass knife or piece of glass and then threw it at the other crazy dude standing on the lawn. About 30 seconds later the police showed up (at least 7 cars). But the dude with no shirt had already run down the alley. I'm pretty sure all of our neighbours came out after that and had been watching the action before they came. A couple dudes from down the street said that the shirtless dude had broken their window too.

It was pretty intense, they ended up arrested the one dude but I don't think they ever found the shirtless dude. They brought a dog, but I think because of the rain the dog couldn't pick up the scent.

It's all fun and games until someone with no shirt starts running around your nieghbourhood breaking windows and shit.